Auto Cool Radiator is a full-service radiator shop, specializing in repairing and re-coring for cars, big trucks and industrial equipment. New radiators are available for purchase at competitive rates.

A flush and fill is a critical part of routine maintenance. Antifreeze (coolant) is very caustic. Left in the radiator for too long, it will begin to corrode the metal, and cause a potentially disastrous leak. If we detect any coolant leaks we can repair them or replace the damaged part. So stop in today for a free inspection.

Auto Cool Radiator specializes in installations and repairs of:

Radiator Services    |    Air Conditioning / Heater Services    |    And More . . .


Radiator Services

Pressure test cooling system for leaks
Clean and flush cooling system
Visually inspect radiator cooling fan, heater operation, belts and hoses
Radiator repair and replacement
Hose replacement
Head gaskets
Electric fans
Fan clutches


Automotive Repair and Services

Water Pump Systems
Belts and Hoses
Exhaust Systems
Antifreeze Leaks
Oil Change and Leak Repair
General Auto Repairs for your Car or Truck


Minor radiator problems can very often be repaired. However, the repair may be a short-term solution to a more serious problem. High engine temperatures increase expansion and contraction. Radiator failure can cause severe damage to your engine and transmission.

Schedule a preventive check up with Auto Cool Radiator to avoid costly problems before they arise. Call to schedule an appointment and allow the experts to examine your heating/cooloing system. The pros at Auto Cool will advise you on the best course of action, whther it be repairing, replacing or other available options for your radiator.

Air Conditioner/Heater Services

System inspected for operating pressures, leaks, deterioration or damage to
 any hoses, seals or components
Drive belt tension checked
System recharged with refrigerant
Heater Cores
Head Gaskets
Fan Clutches
Electric Fans
Water Pumps
Hoses, Belts
Heater Controls
A/C Controls
Transmission Coolers


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The Auto Cool Radiator experts can also assist you with . . .

Automobile & Truck Ag Equipment
Industrial Equipment
ATV & Motorcycle
A/C Condenser Repair
Aluminum and Plastic Radiator Repair
Rod Out Testing
Recoring Available If Necessary


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